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MIHU DHS800 - hoof trimming disc

MIHU DHS800 - hoof trimming disc

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MIHU DHS 800 - hoof trimming disc

The right disc for easy processing of hard hooves with the Bosch cordless angle grinder.

Treat your hooves quickly and effectively with the MIHU diamond segment disc!

The diamond hoof trimming disc is available with specially segmented diamond grit. The diameter is approx. 60mm and has a bore of 10mm .

The advantages of the MIHU DHS800

The diamond disc was developed over years and manufactured with a special grit, extremely smooth running and low weight for gentle hoof trimming. With the special segmented grit, you can effortlessly work on the hoof wall as well as the sole cleanly and smoothly and also gently work on the frog of most hooves.

The hoof can be worked on with the raised foot. This process would otherwise take place with the hoof rasp on the buck. The MIHU DHS 800 can also be used in the preparation of plastic fittings.

Test report on

  • For processing hoof sole, hoof frog, hoof wall and plastic fittings

  • Indestructible durability depending on use and inclusions of foreign objects such as stones and nails

  • No changing blades or re-sharpening required

  • Recoating possible

  • 60mm diameter

  • Extremely light weight approx. 35 grams

  • Outer radius round coated and therefore very well suited for processing the collateral groove and bar

  • Perfectly coordinated segmented coating for processing the brine and wall (almost no heat development)

  • Due to its low weight and great ergonomics, it is very easy on the wrist


It is a very powerful indestructible diamond tool.

It is expressly pointed out that the MIHU DHS800 in connection with an angle grinder (Bosch GWS 12V, 4Ah) should only be used with extreme caution and with the appropriate experience.

We refer to the Bosch safety regulations.

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